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Last updated 16 January 2015

My current artwork has a new style, and it started only February last year. It's still a baby. A fast growing one ;-) Many of the artwork were still experimental - my work with Illustrator is still also experimental. I just think it would be fun to put everything in the gallery to see how my work would develop. So, besides digital artwork, I will also showcase my daily sketchbooks + (art) journals. Sometimes it's there where an idea is born and everything starts.

In this gallery you will also see some previews of my older artwork, the cute country graphics for web use that I created since the year 2000. These graphics will be available F.R.E.E. for subscribers of my list, so don't miss out :-)

I also have several other projects such as my search for stories about my late father, an artist who lived in Bali in the 50s & 60s, and The Daily Dala, the adventure of a little Swedish Dala horse whom I 'smuggle' almost everywhere in my bag since January 2013.

This project gallery is certainly a growing library! 

Click on the picture of the gallery you'd like to visit below.









revamping in progress. stay tuned.

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