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My current artwork has a new style, and it started only in February last year. It's still a baby. A fast growing one ;-) Many of the artwork are still experimental. I just think it would be fun to put everything in the gallery to see how my work would develop.

In the gallery you will also find the preview of my older artwork, the cute country graphics for web use that I created since the year 2000. The graphics will be available free for my subscribers when my graphicalicious archive is open (coming soon!)

I also have several other projects such as my search for stories about my late father, an artist who lived in Bali in the 50s & 60s, and The Daily Dala, the adventure of a little Swedish Dala horse whom I 'smuggle' almost everywhere in my bag since January 2013.

This project gallery is certainly a growing library. It's a graphicalicious archive of my work in progress!  Hop over to the gallery



(and lessons learned along the way a.k.a. MY BLOG) 

Making art is not just a pastime, it's also a personal therapy for me, as it allows me to express my thoughts and emotions and let love and the creative force inside me flow, expand, and heal.

Art reconnects me with my heritage. It taught me to revisit my childhood and to explore my hometown the Javanese city of Yogyakarta and its marvelous culture through the lenses of awe and beauty.

Creating artwork shows me that magic happens every moment with each stroke of brush on paper or on screen. With each color and each shape you experiment. Creativity strikes when I allow myself to fearlessly dream while I make art. It always does!

In my blog I will record and share my creative process, my graphicalicious journey, inspiration and what I learn along the way. And oh, if this could make your heart smile: some creative projects and free gifts, too :)

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 Ah, did you see the sign to the right on the page? ;-)

Yes, I post free weekly goodies every weekend. Which means, the goodies change every week. So, make sure you won't miss it! Better yet, join my list and you'll get the goodies delivered directly to your inbox every Sunday or Monday. Plus, you'll get special subscribers only offers from time to time. Kind of secret graphicalicious party ;-)

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Some of my artwork are ready for sale if you're interested to own them! For now, only the digital printable artwork are available at the online shop. A lot of ideas have come up and I'm preparing other products too, little by little. It's a graphicalicious shop in progress!

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I love social media. It's a quick and fun way to share what's new and a peek to my artwork.

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My first experiments with drawing graphics was ones in 1999, and Amreta's  Graphic Corner was  up in 1 August 2000. It's been quite a learning journey, my personal rainbow-brick-road to dreaming fearlessly, creating passionately, balancing work and hobbies soulfully, following your gutsy heart and playful spirit, getting inspired and living - online and offline - graphicaliciously: graceful, gratitude-full, graphic-full, and delicious! <3

The creative spirit in me gained a fresh new take as I started to become friends with Adobe Illustrator in February this year, thus the start of my Folksy Graphicalicious collections - the ones you see everywhere on this site now ;D

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Easy peasy. Just click the contact button below and pop me an email over here. I will answer as soon as I can. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia - so you might expect a few hours before I can reply to your email if I happen to be asleep or at work.










revamping in progress. stay tuned.

This site is created and maintained by Amreta Sidik, Jakarta, Indonesia ~ as of 1 August 2000  ~
Please note that all graphics on this site are created by
Amreta and strictly not to be downloaded from this page.
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