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19 January 2015

Weekly graphicalicious gift No. 2 has arrived! :)  

This week: two variations of desktop wallpaper + two variations of facebook covers, a graphicalicious digital paper collage mix with a quote by the brave girl Joan of Arc "I am not afraid. I was born to do this"

There's also the blank ones for you to add your own text, or just use it as is.

Check out the Free Goodies page to download.

18 January 2015

  The sweet country graphics are now up and online again, for your heart's delights! :)  

Sooo glad to announce that the cute country graphics with sweet colors - that I created since the year 2000 until 2012 - are now back!

Country graphics lovers, I hope you're happy, too! Take a look or download if you want to use them, all free for personal use, please just give a linkback to amretasgraphics.com for exchange, would that be sweet?

Browse the websets!

13 January 2015


12 January 2015

  New weekly gift has arrived! :)  

This week: a folksy graphicalicious printable poster, A4 size. You are free to print them as many as you like as long as it is for personal use. And if you bring it to a professional print shop, ask them to finish the printing with a matte laminating. That's my suggestion!

Check out the Free Goodies page to download.

12 January 2015


The entrance to the gallery is updated

I'm preparing six galleries to share my graphicalicious happiness with you :) Stay tuned, they are ready soon!

Go to the gallery

11 January 2015


Updated three pages today! :) The About, Weekly Goodies and New Here? pages. The pages now have new look, check them out by clicking on the corresponding banners above.

And for tomorrow: to update the Gallery page - and if time allows (it took me the whole day to update the three pages above) I might start building the Graphicalicious Archive page - accessible for subscribers or my list :)

9 January 2015

  The new landing page is relaunched! What do you think of the new look? *wink* In 2015 I'd like to showcase more of my new, high-resolution artwork but also to renew my old collections (the country graphics) and my creative process.

  • New artwork will come in bundles, with samplers to be featured as the weekly gifts. One graphicalicious theme per month. The bundles will consist of various artwork such as prints, printables, wallpapers, journaling sheets, scrapbook kit, etc. Will be soon available on my shop.
  • The old collections will be available in my (upcoming) Graphicalicious Archive, FREE ACCESS to members of my list :) The Graphicalicious Archive is also the place where I will store the weekly gifts.
  • In my blog I will share my sketchbook. It's been for me a truly delightful and therapeutic process, it feels like finding your own medicine and I hope it will also inspire you!
  • More to come soon! Come back often! ;D






revamping in progress. stay tuned.

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